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Week of October 19, 2016


A Year of Marvels Unbeatable #1
A-Force #10 CW2
Adventure Time Comics #4
Aliens Life and Death #2 (of 4)
All New X-Men #14
Amazing Spider-Man #20 CC
Aquaman #9
Archie #13
Assassins Creed Locus #2 (of 4)
Assassins Creed Templars #6
Astonishing Ant-Man #13
Astro City #40
Atomic Robo and The Temple of Od #3 (of 5)
Back to the Future #13
Backstagers #3 (of 8)
Batman #9
Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #3
Beauty #11
Black Hammer #4
Black Panther #7 NOW
Black Widow #7 NOW
Bunker #19
Captain America Sam Wilson #14 NOW
Carnage #13
Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1
Civil War II Kingpin #4 (of 4)
Cowboys and Insects one-shot
Cyborg #3
Dark Knight III Master Race #6 (of 8)
Deadpool Back in Black #2 (of 5)
Deadpool Too Soon #1 (of 4)
Death of X #2 (of 4)
Demonic #3 (of 6)
Dept H #7
Die Kitty Die #1
Doctor Strange #13 NOW
Doctor Who 12th Year Two #10
Doctor Who 3rd #2 (of 5)
Doctor Who Supremacy of the Cybermen #4 (of 5)
Dominion Last Sacrifice #1 (of 4)
Evil Dead 2 Dark Ones Rising #1 (of 3)
Evil Dead 2 Revenge of Dracula one-shot
Evil Dead 2 Revenge of the Martians one-shot
Faith #4
Garth Ennis Red Team Double Tap #4 (of 9)
Ghostbusters International #10
Godzilla Rage Across Time #3 (of 5)
Gold Digger Halloween Special 2016
Green Arrow #9
Green Lanterns #9
Hadrians Wall #2 (of 8)
Harley Quinn #6
Harrow County #17
Hellboy and BPRD 1954 #2 (of 2)
Hero Cats #13
Herobear and The Kid 2016 Fall Special #1
Horizon #4
I Hate Fairyland #10
Infamous Iron Man #1 NOW
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Five #20
Invader Zim #14
Jem & The Holograms #20
Joyride #6
Justice League #7
Kong of Skull Island #4
Lady Death Extinction Express #1
Lords of Gore #1 (of 8)
Manifest Destiny #24
Mechanism #4
Mighty Thor #12
Mockingbird #8 CW2
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #47
Nights Dominion #2
Nightwing #7
Ninjak #20
Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #11 NOW
Pink Panther Trick or Pink #1
Power Rangers Pink #4
Powers #7
Raven #2 (of 6)
Rick & Morty Lil Poopy Superstar #4 (of 5)
Rumble #15
Samurai Brothers in Arms #2 (of 6)
Silk #13
Simpsons Comics #233
Spell on Wheels #1 (of 5)
Spider-Gwen #13
Spider-Woman #12
Spread #17
Star Trek Boldly Go #1
Steam Wars Strike Leader #2
Suicide Squad Most Wanted #3 (of 6) El Diablo & Killer Croc
Superman #9
Symmetry #8
Throwaways #4
Torchwood #2
Trinity #2
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #13
Uncanny Inhumans #14 CW2
Usagi Yojimbo #158
Wacky Raceland #5 (of 6)
War Stories #20
Weird Detective #5 (of 5)
X-Files (2016) #7
X-Men 92 #8
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #28


Love and Rockets Magazine #1
Walking Dead Fig Mag #18 Rick Season 5
Walking Dead Fig Mag #19 Beth
Walking Dead Magazine #18

Trade Paperbacks
4001 AD TP
All New Inhumans TP Vol 2 Skyspears
All New Wolverine TP Vol 2 Civil War II
Ancestor TP
Aquaman A Celebration of 75 Years HC
Art and Making of The Flash SC
Art of Fire Emblem Awakening HC
Buffy High School Years Glutton for Punishment TP
Captain Marvel TP Vol 2 Earths Mightiest Hero
Daredevil Punisher TP Seventh Circle
DC Comics Wonder Woman Coloring Book SC
Disney Princess Comics Coll TP
Doctor Fate TP Vol 2 Prisoners of the Past
Doctor Strange Epic Collection TP Separate Reality
Doctor Strange TP Flight of Bones
Girl Power Amanda Conner Gallery Edition HC
Green Arrow TP Vol 9 Outbreak
Harry Potter & Chamber of Secret Illustrated HC Ed
Jim Henson's Dark Crystal TP Vol 3 Creation Myths
Legendary Star Lord TP Vol 4 Out of Orbit
Locke & Key Master Edition HC Vol 3
Midnighter TP Vol 2 Hard
Miraculous Origins TP
Mockingbird TP Vol 1 I Can Explain
Mutts Autumn Diaries TP
Rai TP Vol 4 4001 AD
Supergirl by Peter David TP Book 1
Teen Titans Go Bring It On TP new edition
Visual Abuse HC Jim Blanchard Graphic Art 1982-2002
Wynonna Earp TP Vol 1 Homecoming

Action Figures & Misc. 

Avatar The Last Airbender Chibi Avatar Aang PVC figure
Batman Animated Series Batman & Robin w/Batsignal 2 pack
CT Red Assassins Creed Connor 7 inch action figure
CT Red Walking Dead TV Daryl Dixon 7 inch action figure
DBZ Dramatic Showcase Burter figure
DBZ Dragatic Showcase Guldo figure
DBZ Dramatic Showcase Jeice figure
DBZ Dramatic Showcase Recoome figure
DC Comics Aquaman & Cthulhu Q-Fig FX Figure SDCC 2 pack
DC Multiverse 6 inch Earth 23 Superman action figure
DC Multiverse 6 inch Reverse Flash TV action figure
DC Multiverse Zero Year Batman action figure
Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai Prompto
Manga Realization Meisho Samurai Spider-Man action figure
Marvel Gallery Spider-Gwen PVC figure
POP Doctor Who 10th Doctor w/Hand vinyl figure
POP Doctor Who 12th Doctor w/Guitar vinyl figure
POP Doctor Who Davros 6 inch vinyl figure
POP Duck Dodgers K-9 vinyl figure
POP Duck Dodgers Space Cadet vinyl figure
POP Ferris Bueller Cameron Frye vinyl figure
POP Rides A-Team Van w/B.A. Baracus vinyl figure
Powerpuff Girls Low Cut Socks 3 pack set
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Saotome SH Figurarts action figure Male version
The Legend of Korra Chibi Korra PVC figure


Sports & Non-Sports Card Product

Flash Season 1 trading card box

2016 Topps WWE Heritage 30th Anniversary trading card box

2016 Topps Chrome Baseball trading card box

Game of Thrones Season Five trading card box

Topps 2015 Star Wars Force Awakens Series 2 trading card box

Topps 2016 Dr Who Timeless trading card box

Topps 2015 Star Wars Journey to Force Awakens trading card box

Star Wars 2015 Chrome Perspectives trading card box

Marvel Avengers Silver Age trading card box

DC Super-Villains trading card box

Game of Thrones Season Four trading card box

Topps 2015 Star Wars Illustrated Empire trading card box

Marvel Agents of SHIELD Season One trading card box

Star Trek Aliens trading card box

Walking Dead TV Season 3 Pt 2 trading card box

DC Comics Batman The Legend trading card box

Marvel 75th Anniversary trading card box

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