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New Products This Week for Central City Comix

Week of October 29, 2014


Adventure Time Banana Guard Academy #4 (of 6)

Adventure Time #33

Aliens Fire and Stone #2

All New Soulfire #

All New X-Men #33

And Then Emily Was Gone #4 (of 5)

Archer & Armstrong #25

Atomic Robo Knights of the Golden Circle #5 (of 5)

Axis Carnage #1 (of 3)

Axis Revolutions #1 (of 4)

Baltimore Wolf and the Apostle #1 (of 2)

Batman Eternal #30

Beast Commandos #1 (of 4)

Black Science #10

Bob's Burgers #3

Brass Sun #6 (of 6)

Bunker #7

Capt Victory & Galactic Rangers #3

Captain Midnight #16

Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War #5 (of 6)

Conan the Avenger #7

Crossed Badlands #64

Cutter #4

Dark Gods #1

Death of Wolverine Deadpool and Captain America #1

Death of Wolverine Logan Legacy #3 (of 7)

Deathlok #1

Deep Gravity #4 (of 4)

Doctor Who 11th #4

Doodle Jump #4

Dr Frankensteams Monster one-shot

Dredd Underbelly Movie Sequel one-shot

Dredd Uprise #1 (of 2)

Earth 2 Worlds End #4

Elektra #7

Fantastic Four #12

GFT Realm War #4 (of 12)

GFT Robyn Hood Ongoing #3

GFT Warlord of Oz #6 (of 6)

God is Dead #23

Godkiller Walk Among Us #1

Gold Digger Halloween Special 2014

Goon Occasion of Revenge #3 (of 4)

Groo vs Conan #4 (of 4)

Guardians of the Galaxy #20

Harbinger Omegas #3 (of 4)

Harley Quinn Annual #1

Hit Pen & Ink #1

Hugh Howeys Wool #5 (of 6)

Inhuman #7

Justice League Dark Annual #2

Justice League United Annual #1

Knights of the Dinner Table #214

Last Born #2

Lenore Vol II #11

Little Nemo Return to Slumberland #2

Low #4

Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #!

Massive #28

Mega Man #42

Mind Mgmt #27

New 52 Futures End #26

Nova #22

Pathfinder City Secrets #6 (of 6)

Phantom #1 (of 6)

Purgatori #2

Rachel Rising #29

Rasputin #1

Roche Limit #2

Roman Ritual #1 (of 4)

Saga #24

Savage Dragon #199

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #3

Sex #17

Shadow Midnight Moscow #5 (of 6)

Simpsons Comics Explosion #1

Sinestro #6 GODHEAD

Sonic Boom #1

Sonic Super Digest #9

Sonic Universe #69

Southern Bastards #5

Steampunk Halloween 2014

Sundowners #3

Swamp Thing Annual #3

Thanos A God Up There is Listening #4 (of 4)

Thought Bubble Anthology 2014 #4

Thunderbolts #32

TransFormers More Than Meets the Eye #34

Tuki Save the Humans #2

Uber #19

Umbral #10

Vertigo Quarterly #1 Yellow

War Stories #2

Wayward #3

Wolverine and X-Men #11

Wonder Woman #35




Brickjournal #31

Heavy Metal #271

Previews #314 November 2014

Walking Dead Magazine #10

Trade Paperbacks

100 Bullets TP Book 1

Art of Japanese Monsters Godzilla Gamera & SF Film Art SC

Basil Wolverton Weird Worlds Artists Ed HC

Celebration of Haruhi Suzumiya Short Story Omnibus

Complete Peanuts HC Vol 22 1993-1994

Cowl TP Vol 1 Principles of Power

DC Comics Zero Year HC

Deadpool and Cable Omnibus HC

Dilbert HC Go Add Value Someplace Else

Disney Rosa Duck Library HC Vol 2 Return to Plain

DMC GN Vol 1

Green Lantern HC Vol 5 Test of Wills (N52)

Green Lantern TP Vol 4 Dark Days (N52)

Howard the Duck Omnibus HC

Hugh Howeys Wool GN

Iron Man Epic Collection TP Golden Avenger

Judge Dredd Year One Novel

Leaning Girl GN

Marvel Avengers Poster A Page Book

Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Chan GN Vol 8

Miracleman Prem HC Book 2 Red King Syndrome

Morning Glories Dlx HC Vol 3

Neil Gaiman Hansel & Gretel Graphic HC

Original Sin HC

Peanuts Every Sunday HC Vol 2 1956-1960

Preacher TP Book 6

Savage Wolverine TP Vol 2 Hands on Dead Body

Sock Monkey Into Deep Woods HC

Stray Bullets TP Vol 1 Innocence of Nihilism

Uncanny X-Men Iron Man Nova TP No End in Sight

William Shakespeare Star Wars Trilogy Royal Box Set

Wolverine and X-Men TP Vol 1 Tomorrow Never Learns


Action Figures & Misc. 

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Statue
Batman 1966 Joker Bust
Batman Arkham City Batman ArtFX+ Statue
Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler 8 inch action figure
Big Bang Theory Bernadette 8 inch action figure
Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman 6 inch action figure
Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman PX Blue Hazmat 6 inch action figure
DBZ Android 17 S.H. Figuarts action figure
DC Comics Cover Girls Harley Quinn Statue 2nd edition
DC Comics Designer Series 2 Capullo Red Hood action figure
DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai Supergirl action figure
Doctor Who 2014 Series 2 120 piece button assortment
Doctor Who Figure Collector #22 Heavenly Host
Game of Thrones Daenery's Targaryen Lunchbox
Godzilla Minimates Series 1 box set
Green Arrow Mini Patina Statue
Mike Tyson Mysteries 8 inch action figure
Minecraft Blacksmith Villager 3 inch figure
Mortal Kombat Legacy DVD
POP Marvel Captain America vinyl figure
ReAction Back to the Future Mawrty McFly figure

2015 Calendars

Alchemy Gothic 2015 Wall Calendar

Amazing Spider-Man 2 2015 16 month wall calendar

Arrow 2015 Wall Calendar
Assassins Creed 2015 16 month wall calendar
Batman Arkham Origins 16 month 2015 wall calendar
Doctor Who 2015 16 month wall calendar
Game of Thrones 2015 Wall Calendar

Legend of Zelda 2015 16 month wall calendar

Marvel Comics Spec Ed 2015 Wall Calendar

Olivia Pin Ups 2015 Wall Calendar

Simpsons 2015 Wall Calendar

Vintage Marvel Comics 2015 12 month wall calendar

Walking Dead AMC 2015 Boxed Daily Trivia Calendar

Sports & Non-Sports Card Product

Walking Dead TV Season 3 Pt 2 trading card box

Adventure Time trading card box

Game of Thrones Season Two trading card box

DC Comics Batman The Legend trading card box

Marvel 75th Anniversary trading card box

NHL - 2014-15 Upper Deck MVP

NHL - 2013-14 Fleer Showcase

NHL - 2013-14 O-Pee-Chee Hockey

NHL - 2013-14 Upper Deck

NHL - 2013-14 Upper Deck SP Game Used

NHL - 2013-14 Upper Deck SPx

NHL - 2013-14 Upper Deck Black Diamond

NHL - 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy

NHL - 2013-14 Panini Dominion Hockey

NHL - 2013-14 Panini Select Hockey

NHL - 2013 ITG Draft Prospects hockey

NBA - 2012-13 Upper Deck SP Authentic

NFL - 2013 Topps Chrome

NFL - 2013 Topps Strata

MLB - 2014 Topps Heritage baseball

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